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Solve the hell-themed puzzles to open the doors

  • Just what you'd expect from an open-the-door app
  • Demonic imagery could be cool if you are a teen goth
  • Absolutely unoriginal
  • Puzzles on the easy side

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"Burn baby burn"

You know the drill: solve the mini-puzzle to open the door using whatever means necessary, only to find behind it... another door. Shocking! And even more so when you appear to be stuck deep in the bowels of the Stygian Pit. It's a near-endless stream of solving in 100 Inferno Escape.

Your goal with each level is simply to get through the door. There aren't any further instructions, so you'll have to intuit the way to do so on your own, possibly by some combination of tapping, tilting, swiping, or even making noise.

The graphics are somewhat interesting in you're fascinated by the demonic. Otherwise, there's nothing original here. If you're a fan of the genre, you'll enjoy it.

100 Escape Games' 100 Inferno Escape is precisely what you'd expect, and nothing more.

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