100 Symbols Memo³

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    A tri dimensional game based on classical model of flipping two cards and memorizing the images drawn on the cards. When cards contain different images, they will return to the initial state. When cards contain identical images, they stay open. The goal is to find all couples of identical images. The success depends on short term visual memory and good concentration. Rotations of the object makes the mission more difficult to complete, requires to remember not only the position of the card on table, but also on which side of the cube (or other object) the card was placed.

    Look for two identical photos on sides of cube or other 3D object.
    We provide pictures of 100 symbols to play with.

    Photos are randomly selected and placed on sides of a cube or pyramid or Cube³.
    Player need to find all pairs of images to complete the level.
    There are two modes of difficulty:
    Easy (default) mode – photos are placed on 4 sides of a cube or on 3 sides of a pyramid, object can be rotated only horizontally (over Y axis) by sliding left<->right;
    Hard mode – photos are placed on all 6 sides of a cube or on 4 sides of a pyramid, object can be rotated horizontally or vertically (over Y and X axis) by sliding left<->right or up<->down;
    In order to change the mode or turn sound off/on tap on standard menu button.
    Also, there are four levels of difficulty:
    1x1, 2x2 ,3x3, 4x4 photos on side, game starts from level1 and goes to the next level, only if the level is completed good enough (less clicks - better score).

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