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    10000000's review

    Published: 2013-04-15, by .

    10000000 is a genreless addictive game

    • Different games genres combined
    • More than 60 quests to fulfill
    • Retro graphics
    • Original
    • There's no lite version (recommended with such original gameplay)
    • Bizarre combination

    "RPG? Puzzle? Runner? What's this?"

    EightyEight Games is an indie developer who's burning into the mobile scene with an extremely original game. There's no way to encapsulate 10000000 (from now on 10M) in a single genre: it takes a little of different game styles to become something actually new.

    According to its developer, 10M is a "Dungeon Crawling RPG Matching Game". Let's set it out. You have to guide a pixelated character through linear dungeons full of enemies, locked doors and magic boxes fulfilling quests. The only way to interact with the other elements in the dungeon is by matching three+ tiles of the same kind in the scrollable grid which is in the middle of the screen. Thus, you'll have to match three+ "swords" tiles to attack enemies, match three+ "staves" to perform a magical attack, match keys to pen chests and doors, among many other interaction tiles.

    While you try to match tiles to interact with enemies and objects, things will keep going in the dungeon (enemies will keep attacking you, wall will keep advancing until reaching you). Thus, try to be as smart as fast to get the end of the dungeon with all your quests fulfilled. As you complete quests and dungeons you'll be rewarded with coins and gems that you'll need to use to unblock new dungeons.

    The environment (dungeons) and theme (magic, swords, chests and loots) as well as its level-up system reminds a classic RPG (no need to name its 8-bit pixelated graphics). However, the matching-tiles system reminds casual gaming. The way EightyEight Games has combined those different genres brings forward a success.

    More than 60 objectives to complete, over 20 different monster types to fight and hundreds of items on a fast-paced action gameplay. Highly recommended.

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    Apr 15, 2013

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