15 Puzzle Game, 8 Puzzle Game



This is a photo(number) puzzle which is called 15 puzzle or sliding puzzle.

Which is the puzzle game when you are putting it together over moving up&down, left&right on the photo(number) square.

Let's try to show it off all of the world at World Puzzle!!

Main functions are as follows.

1. Common Function
- You can apply a photo which is taken picture by you for playing game.
- You can also apply a photo which's been saving to smart phone for playing game.(Using the Gallery App.)
- This is built in some photos such as Nature, Space, Famous Painting etc(100 pcs).
- You can rotate image(photo) by yourself.

2. Number Puzzle
- This is easier than photo one because it is shown a number on square.

3. Photo Puzzle
- This is harder than number one because it' s not shown a number on square. It'll be completed before you knew it when you are putting it together one by one though.

4. Local Puzzle
- It's saved the ranking on your smart phone.
- You might as well do practicing by yourself.

5. World Puzzle
- The ranking will be saved to server and opened it to others.
- It's fair because all of the world is playing with same pattern. (It's updated with new pattern every day)
- You could be top player over analyze a good player and you can replay with another's game.
- You can write a comment for the ranking. thus, you can talk various stories with others.

6. Match with my phone
- There are 100 levels.
- You can be Puzzle God!! when you defeat the 100 levels.

7. Learning
- Are you beginner with playing 15 puzzle?
You don't understand how to play the puzzle?
See, let's learning it~
You can learn how to put it together one by one.
- It'll be shown a green one when you put it together for now.

8. You can play it with 3x3, 4x4, 5x5, 6x6.

[Recent Changes]
o In case of some smart phone, it’s modified to be cut the image at the most
right side when you play the game.
o It’s changed 6 units which was a low-resolution out of built-in images.
o It’s relocated the order of built-in images (Nature, Space, Famous Painting those will be mixed and coming out).
o The ranking is saved until to 3 records a day per person at World Puzzle

o When you finished putting the puzzle together, it could be coming out an odd number out of moving count.

o During loading built-in images, it’s displaying a dialog window.
o It’s removed the ‘Use Drag’ check box at replay screen.
o When it touches the button at every dialog window, it’s added a vibration function.

o It’s displaying the ‘Use Drag’ check box at playing screen.
o It adds the Setting menu at playing screen.

o We've removed the fuction for permission which has not been useful at AD solution.
- We've removed the permission which was needed by call AD.
- We've removed the GPS permission which was needed by local AD.

o We've added a function for optimal movement in the world puzzle ranking.
- It's only applied by 3x3 & 4x4.
- You can replay the puzzle with optimal movement which was already passed one day.

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