15 Puzzle Unlocked



No more ads, all levels unlocked and many more images.
In this game you have to reconstruct an image using drag-drop moves. In this unlocked version, you will not receive any ads and all the levels are unlocked so that a user can play any image, any time without being required to unlock a previous level. Finish the image as quickly as possible to go higher on the score board.

To complete an image you have the following tips:
-Double click a tile to move an entire row or column.
-A tile in the right position has it's border green.
-Hint button shows for 5 seconds the number of every tile.
-Pause button shows the initial image.

How to Play:
1. Select an image, the one that you want to shuffle
2. Press Start Game and wait for the game to initialize
3. Using drag-drop gesture, move the tiles in the right position taking into consideration the empty tile
4. You can double-click on a tile in order to move multiple tiles at once from the same row or column
Please visit the game page at: http://www.facebook.com/15PuzzleGame

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