2048 Number puzzle game


2048 Number puzzle game's review


Slide the tiles to add up to the mystical sum of 2048

  • Just like the online flash game
  • Casual numerical strategy
  • Harder to win than it looks
  • Unoriginal

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"Add 'em up"


2048! The internet addiction sensation, now in the palm of your hand. Slide like tiles together to add 'em, slowly doubling your way towards that magic figure in the name of the game. It shouldn't be so addictive, but the human mind just loooves patterns, and this is a doozy. This port is well-made and super popular.


It's just like the original flash game you know and love.


Totally unoriginal. But hey, why reinvent the wheel when you can compulsively slide tiles?

Original review from Apr 07, 2014:

The internet flash sensation goes mobile: now you can add together exponentials of 2 to your heart's content, all on your handheld device. Estoty Entertainment Lab's 2048 Number puzzle game is one of those devious time-wasters, seemingly simple but actually requiring significant strategy to master.

Like tiles add when you slide 'em together. A new one appears each turn. All are exponentials of 2. Your goal is to reach the majestic sum of 2048 before the board completely fills us and you're out of possible moves.

There are a ton of ports of this game to mobile, so it's not as though this is a completely original idea. Still, this one is well-made, if you're a number fiend in need of a fix.

Estoty Entertainment Lab's 2048 Number puzzle game will casually suck away your otherwise numberless minutes on the metro.

Original score: 7.0/10

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Apr 07, 2014

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