4th Ball 3D (Qubic)



    Place the ball alternately black and white, who previously aligned four diagonally / vertical / horizontal will be the winner, it is a 3D version of Gomoku.
    The win made ​​the 3 × 3 and Gomoku is different I'm real thrill!

    You can take turns playing with friends, or you can enjoy against the computer, it is a strength to be reckoned computer.

    How To Play
    I start the game from the start screen, select a content play.
    And touch the blue circle, the ball enters the bar below it in the game screen.
    The screen is rotated in a horizontal / vertical with a flick with your fingers, you will be able to closely review the line is also difficult to see.
    Vertical rotation can also be used with optional sensor.
    Since the last ball was placed on display in different colors, Please help us to help strategy.

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