5 in a Row Online Lite(Ranked)



5 in a Row Online is a classic five in a row game where you can play ranked games against opponents online or with your friends. The ranking system will find an opponent of the same skill level as you.


* A ranking system that matches you against players of the same skill level as you
* Online play against friends
* Online matching system to find opponents
* Notifications when it is your turn / when a new game is started / when an opponent have won
* Leaderboard functionality where you can see your rank and the top contenders in the ladder
* Works on both mobiles and tablets
* Possibility to have the same account on several devices

The goal in this game is to get five stones in a row, be it horizontally, vertically or diagonally.
One player starts and then the players take turn until the game is won. The stones can be placed in any place
on the board.

Time limit
A player have 72 hours to make a move. If no move has been made within 72 hours the win will go to the opponent.

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