A Skill Game With Balls



From the creator of the Date Nite Decider comes a simple, addictive, tilting ball game.

Control the silver ball by tilting your phone.

The object of this game is to hit the target as many times as possible to get the highest score you can before you run out of lifes. On certain game modes if the blue ball touchs your ball its instant game over.

This is the full version it includes four game modes.
* Classic Mode - three lives hit the target until you run out of lives.
* Endless Mode - An extended version of the classic mode.
* Against the clock Mode - Go for the highest score in 60 seconds the other balls reduce your score but dont kill you.
* Survival Mode - This is sudden death gameplay avoid the balls to survive for as long as possible.

It also includes high scores and a statistic tracker system.

Please note that from the options screen you can turn the sounds off or on, and also restore your screen timeout if you changed it at the start of the game.

Can be moved to SD card.

Try the lite version first to see if the game runs on your device.

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