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Alchemy is a real fun and educational Android app based on crafting materials

  • Amount of materials to discover
  • Cool interface and performance
  • Timewaster
  • Not really addictive (fed up after a while)
  • Not too many extras and settings
  • Materials distribution on screen is a bit messy

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"Introduce yourself in the arts of creating new materials with Alchemy"

This is one of those apps which especially likes to curious minds since its requires ability and imagination. You start with just the four elements: water, fire, earth and air. By the combination of those elements you will get new materials.

For example, water mixed with fire will generate alcohol, earth mixed with air will generate dust, and so on. To mix them you just need to select one of the elements by keeping the selection 1 second and then drag it over the other elements. The new resultant materials may be, in turn, mixed with one of the four elements to generate new ones. To get again the four elements once they have been used you just have to double-click on the screen. To duplicate materials you have to proceed the same way: double-click on the material you want to duplicate. That's the dynamic of the app/game and what makes it so addictive. There are 370 materials to discover!

Nonetheless, it has to be said that is not really so addictive and probably you will be fed up after a while. This is the paid version with no ads and including the "undo" button". You can give a try first to the free version called Alchemy.

Alchemy has been developed by Andrey 'Zed' Zaikin, a promising developer who has also launched into the Android Market Alchemy Premium (the paid version of Alchemy with new features), and a Pascal Interpreter in beta version.

Alchemy isn’t nor the most productive neither will make your life easier, but it’s a good entertaining app that will make you spend a good time, at least, for a while.

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