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Angry Piggy's review

Angry Piggy is a platformer starring a cow, a pig and a chicken

  • Entertaining
  • Collaborative platformer
  • Tilt controls
  • Simple graphics
  • Screentouch response

"Animal farm adventure"

This is a kind of collaborative platformer. You embody three animals (a cow, a pig and a chicken) and you can select each time one or another depending on the obstacles you want to overtake. The purpose is to get the the three golden nuggets you'll find in each level. In order to achieve it you will have to move away rocks, activate buttons to make bridges or jump. Bear in mind that each of them has a strength and a weakness and you will have to know how to use it to your profit. For example, the cow is stronger than the others but it cannot jump as higher as them. Obviously, the added-value of this game is the need to use the skills of the three animals to beat the level.

The graphics are quite simple, although that doesn't really matters on a platformer. You can select control the animals with tilt controls or a screenjoypad. Anyway, for switching between them or jumping you have to tap the screen. The complexity increases as you progress through levels. There are up to 36 levels divided in three "islands", plus the tutorial. Try to get the three golden nuggets as fast as possible to get the highest score. You can share your scores on online leaderboards provided by OpenFeint.

Angry Piggy is a platformer developed by MPC Games, the developer of other entertaining game on the market called Fruit Roll.

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