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    The most popular free game in the market, the scene is the most realistic and coolest. After advertising in two weeks, rave reviews!

    Come and kill all ants with your fingers!

    The very realistic, recreational and free game is been loved by all the person including men, women, the old and children in different ages, it is a simple, exciting and addictive game. You can use fingers to combat with sudden ants to spend boring time, and experience realistic ants killing.

    + kill several ants at the same time
    + the scene is the most realistic and coolest
    + the best and latest free game
    + sudden acceleration of escaping ants
    + high score ranking in the world
    + different addictive mode
    + be designed for men and women in all ages
    + the best choice to spend boring time
    All of this are free and exciting!

    Ants run is very popular among boys, girls, the old and children as it's the most realistic, addictive, necessary and interesting game at present. we are appreciate to your suggests and opinions to make the app and game better!

    If you like this app, please rate 5 stars; if you think the app can be better, please leave us your comment and suggestion, Thank you!

    Key words: ants, run, finger, kill ants, press ants, anger, pinch ants, abreact, game

    We hope you like our app, and we want to keep them free for you. In order to do that, we are using a search service to generate some revenue from this app. The app might add an icon, a bookmark link and browser homepage on your device, but you can always remove them easily. Of course, we would be even happier if you choose to use them! Thanks for your support!

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