Aqua Puzzle



Remember liquid puzzles so popular in the 80s and 90s which you solved by tilting a small, transparent, made of plastic and filled with liquid toy? Or perhaps you are to young to remember those times but would nevertheless be interested in a modern, digital reicarnation of those classic and never aging liquid riddles? Hope you do, because we now present you Aqua Puzzle!

In this variation of this game genre you will have to place patches on two puppy dalmatians by tilting your phone and thus making use of gravity force to control the patches' movements on the screen.
There are three levels of difficulty currently available and one picture to complete.
The developers intention is too gradually add new pictures and features making the gaming experience even more attractive and challenging.
In order to play the game your device must have a built in accelerometer. Plus, a screen resolution of your device measuring at least 800 x 480 px is strongly recommended.

Graphics - Marcin Draniczarek
Programming - Pawel Oriol

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