Around the World: Flag Quiz



Take your phone on a trip Around the World to test your knowledge on the countries, flags and capitals of the world. Be sure to stop to see the sights: You will earn trophies that reveal interesting and fun facts that might surprise you!

In Around the World you will connect flags and capitals to their countries and vice versa, all in a relaxed environment with no stressful timers or meaningless points. Who knows, you might even learn something in the process!

Around the World is a quiz game where the goal is to answer 4 different kind of questions:
- Flag to Country
- Country to Flag
- Country to Capital
- Capital to Country.

What's the oldest used flag in the world? What's the southernmost capital? Which national flag has bananas on it? These are some of the things you learn by opening the in-game trophies.

So try out Around the World for a fun way to learn the flags and capitals of the world!

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