Atomic Slash



Atomic slash is an excellent addictive casual game. Cut the cool atomic board by passing your finger over it until the red pressure bar is full.
When the pressure bar is full and atoms are at the desired density, you may proceed to the next level.


Remember, your finger is your sword. Use this weapon carefully.
If your blade touches one of the atomic balls the game is over and the level restarts. Don't be angry when you fail.
You can't cut the shape and leave atoms divided by the cut. You can't cut metal parts.
In order to win be patient as a ninja. In some levels the patience may not be enough and you may need to use some magic.
Don't worry, the magic bottles will be refilled while playing next levels when you achieve bonuses, or you can always refill it in the online shop for free.


90 great levels. And more coming!
3 types of magic bottles (blast, acid and freeze)
6 types of various atomic balls
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