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Eliminate the AI in this beautiful and simple real-time strategy game

  • Outstanding audio
  • Captivating graphics
  • High-level strategic maneuvering
  • Engrossing gameplay
  • None

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"Pure, elegant space warfare set to beats"

The pace is slow, the beats constant, and the strategizing fast and furious. Auralux is that gorgeous, innovative real-time strategy game you've been looking for. Prepare to become completely engrossed by a series of circles and dots.

Auralux strips the genre of all its accoutrements - no characters nor storyline here. You play as blue, and your enemies are red and green AI. Your sole aim is to eliminate them from the board, which you'll do by pitting your dots against theirs. Planets generate dots; the bigger the planet, the faster the dot growth. Send your dot armies to collide with the AI and they'll cancel each other out, meaning simply that the larger army always wins. Take over all of the AIs' planets while defending your own to win.

The concept is very simple, but the design of the game requires you to make constant interesting strategic decisions. How many of your dots can you afford to send on the attack at once? On which planets should you station them? Is it better to invest in growing your planets so that they produce dots faster, or should you stay constantly aggressive? The speed is slow enough that you have time to consider many possible actions, and yet fast enough that failure to act is certain death.

The music and sound effects are nothing short of outstanding. The constant background beats manage to be at once calm and driving, and the musical notes that result from clashes with the AI are practically ethereal. It's a perfect pairing with the soothing, attractive graphics.

War Drum Studio's Auralux is an absolutely fantastic real-time strategy game, one of the best I've ever come across. Don't be surprised when you manage to spend half an hour completely fixated by controlling slow colored dots - they're beautiful.

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