B-Doku Friends Sudoku



B-Doku Friends is an upgraded version of the user-friendly B-Doku Sudoku game that you can SHARE with FRIENDS . Players are challenged to determine the correct placement of numbers 1-9 in 3x3 squares within a 9x9 game board without repetition in squares or rows/columns. With the enhancement to post to Facebook for help from friends, B-Doku Friends makes the classic solitary Sudoku game social! Features include the ability to post boards to your Facebook wall for help and read comments made by your Friends on Facebook from within the App! Not only can you post for help, but you can challenge your friends to beat your times by posting your winning times to your wall straight from the game. The app also has the capability to pencil in values before final placement, undo, check your progress, and ask for a hint. Using these features allows the player to logically think through the puzzle and achieve success.

To assist in avoiding repetition in rows and columns, unique highlighting during placement allows for quick checks and reassurance prior to placement. Make a wrong move? When you check your work the game will highlight one mistake at a time so you can correct your choices. If you get interrupted and need to exit the game, you can save your board to return to play later without having to start over. This application is great for puzzle players of all experience with easy, medium, and hard boards for play.

-Post to Facebook for Help from Friends
-Read live comments from your friends on the game board you posted Facebook.
-Built-in Timer
-Post Winning Times to Facebook
-Pencil in Possible Choices
-Check Your Work
-Undo Placements
-Hint and Solve Buttons
-Save Boards for Later Play
-Highlighting of Rows/Columns for Value Placement
-Easy, Medium, and Hard Boards for Play

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