Baby Blocks Pro



Baby Blocks will challenge your block manipulation skills with 250 puzzles and an addictive "Frenzy" mode that will leave you scrambling to clear the babies before they overwhelm you!

In both Puzzle and Frenzy modes, clear babies by connecting three or more of the same baby type in a row or column. By swiping a baby left or right you can set up combo chains and accumulate points or solve the challenging puzzles.

The 250 puzzles include tutorials and challenges for all skill levels and ages, including some real brain teasers. These alone make Baby Blocks one of the best values on the market, offering countless hours of puzzle-solving fun!

Even babies and toddlers love the game because of the sheer cuteness and entertainment value to them. The adorable expressions and cooing sounds the babies make will have them laughing, smiling, and trying to steal your phone/tablet.

We're sure you'll love it!

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