Ball BreakAR



This Augmented  Reality brick breaker style game is a NEW way to play and interact with your favorite classic game.  Your brick playfield is in the world and environment around you.
Get ready for demolition at its best in 3D!  Wreck your way through 9 levels of walls, towers, bridges and more …. PLAY in your kitchen, office, bedroom or even in the back seat of your car! You may need to physically turn, twist, tilt and inspect the area before unleashing the fury of your destructive balls in this de-construction game of skill and mastery.  
·         Simple easy to play one-touch controls:
·         Ages 5+ to 99
·         Two modes of play: Press the fire button to launch your wrecking balls through the aimed crosshairs or touch the screen where you want pin point accuracy to crush a wall!
·         Game is played in Augmented Reality using a $1 bill, or Popar Construction Machines 3D Book Cover, or Popar 3D Construction Machines Cards Package as your virtual destruction site!  
·         9 Unique levels of bricks, blocks, crates, feathers and more  
·         3 Wrecking Ball Types: Steel Buster, Acid Destroyer and the Exploding Fireball
·         Your environment is your playfield, so break free of the screen and get ready to play and move on the wall, floor, table, desk, tree, chair or anywhere!!!!
·         You have to physically move around the structures to find the best place to impact and destroy the most area
·         Score is based on time, number of balls used and level of accuracy!
·         Choose a strategic plan of destruction or go all out ball busting!
·         Dynamic 3D sound so you can hear the world impacting and buildings being crushed around you
·         Fun, yet challenging game play.  Play for 30 seconds or 30 minutes honing your skills and finding NEW areas and ways to play.
·         Detailed 3D Environments along with intuitive game play
·         Completely FREE
Good luck!

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