Basic Math Lite



Hi Kids,

This application has been designed for you to learn basics of Math. App offers quizzes and tutorials to help you learn Math in an easy way.

Activities included in this app

1. Number Tutor - Learn counting from 0 to infinite number. There isn't any limit. Learn as much as you want.

2. Shapes Tutor - Get to know about some basic shapes. How they look and how they are different from other shapes.

3. Tables Tutor - Learn tables to improve your skills.

4. Count - Unlimited questions to improve your counting skills. See your result when you get tired by clicking on "End Game".

5. Find Maximum - Find Maximum number from given options.

6. Find Minimum - Find Minimum number from given options.

7. Solve Equation - Solve mathematics expression. This includes basic arithmetic operators i.e +,-,*,/

Don't forget to let me know about how much you liked it :)

*App is not optimized for tablets and LDP phones*

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