Battleship Solitaire (Bimaru)



BATTLESHIP SOLITAIRE by Artisan Code is an implementation of the famous and addicting logical game "Hundir la flota" invented by Jaime Poinachik in Argentina. It's known also as Yubotu or Bimaru. In it, you must discover a hidden fleet using only your logical skills and clues. There are several techniques to do it, some of them explained inside. In this implementation there are 3 difficulty levels : 6x6 for beginners, 8x8 and the normal one 10x10. Playing it will improve your concentration and logic levels, and train your brain via a very funny way, like sudoku or chess. This app generates infinite puzzles, random and non-patterned, all with human solution. So if you can't solve it, be patient and don't resign!. Not like other apps, this one has 3 nice graphical sets, is fast generating the puzzle and some of them can be really a challenge for experienced players inclusive!

If you like logical games, this one is for you! Enjoy!

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