Do you love Hunting Games? This game is definitely for you!

This game consists of:

-Countless of Bear Grylls youtube videos. Watch the bravest guy on the planet battle out his adventures, watch him stay a long time in the sea, wrestle all the animals and find out more about mother nature.

-Watch Polar bears roam around

-Watch bear accidents!


-Play the block game: Test your skills with this block game where you need to arrange all your blocks that will come down diagonally from the top and descend to the base of your mobile screen. You only have around 5 seconds to resize your block piece by moving it from side to side, rotating it or putting it down faster. Your aim is to stack up all of the block pieces so that there are no spaces in between them.

-Puzzle: Test how good you are at seeing the bigger picture by playing this game. This puzzle game has 6 unique puzzles of bears and in each puzzle, the difficulty gets higher and higher. You have to move one puzzle piece at a time and one puzzle piece will affect how the next puzzle piece will form.

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