Bindoo, the dots joining game. It is kids’ game in India. It is the game of keep drawing the lines between bindoos(i.e Round spehere with four spikes). There will be two players one computer and the other one you called player. Instructions are given below.

Click or Touch on a Bindoo. It gets highlighted with blue circle around and also highlights other Bindoos with yellow circles which can be connected. Click or Touch any one Yellow circled Bindoo will draw a line.

Now Computer draws another line and again you need to draw line. like this it will continue till connecting all the Bindoos in the Canvas.

Who close the Square will get a point and marked with 'Tom' if it is drawn by computer, and if player closes the square 'Jerry' will be marked. Whoever close a square will get chance of drawing another line.
Finally who gets more squares will set to be won the game.

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