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Blast Site Lite is an action strategy game where the objective is to explode and clear the objects from the Blast Site using carefully placed explosives. Blast Site Lite presents 5 free levels from the full game.

The explosives are placed on the screen by touching where you would like to drop them and they have a 2 second power fuse, be careful where you place them as they may roll away.

The Blast Site Lite game play has been enhanced using the latest in physics engine to hyper-model the explosive forces and object behaviours. All of the objects have different physical properties and behave differently so every time you play depending on what you do that game will be different.

Unlike other demolition games where the objective is to get below a line, in Blast Site Lite you to clear the site of all the crates and beams by exploding them. In some of the harder levels solid rocks and columns are used to support the structures, these cannot be exploded but can be moved and are not required to be cleared from the site.

Blast Site Lite requirements/features:

* Requires Android 2.2 or later and a device with an ARMv7 processor or later.
* 5 levels of engaging game play from the full game with increasing complexity and more difficult objects types.
* Uses the latest physics engine to hyper-model explosions and object behaviours.
* The ability to go back and play any completed level at anytime.
* No time limits to complete a level, only limit is the number of explosives provided.
* Driving sound track.

Visit the Blast Site website at for the latest news and developments. Watch out for the updates to get new levels and bomb types that are in development.

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