Block Puzzle



„Boost Your Brain: Block Puzzle” is a simple and addictive puzzle game. Your goal will be to drag the blocks spread around the screen onto the shaded region in the middle, in order to cover it. The game in total consists of 940 unique puzzles, which ensure many hours of great, challenging fun and boosts your brain's abilities.

„Boost Your Brain: Block Puzzle” comes with increasing level of difficulty – ranging from easy and relaxing puzzles, up to some real mind breakers. Attempting to solve them all will be a great challenge for your brain. So enjoy the play and treat is as a true training that will ultimately boost your logical thinking skills. Take the challenge, download the game and join the group of satisfied players.

Key features:
- 940 unique puzzles with gradually increasing level of difficulty
- Beautiful HD graphics
- Optimized for all smartphone and tablet sizes
- Great challenge for both young and old players
- Hours of entertainment for FREE

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