Blocks Extreme Adventure



Welcome to Blocks Extreme Adventure! A free Blockout type puzzle game that will give you hours of fun!

Drop the shapes and complete rows to get bombs, that will help you out clean the mess. Be quick because from time to time new rows appear from the bottom of the board. if you get out of space you lose!

** Two different Control modes at your choice in Blocks Extreme Adventure (through the Configuration Menu on the main game screen):

1 - Key press on the buttons displayed bellow the board

2 - Swipe on the board to move the shapes left, right, and down, and a button control to rotate.

** Blocks Extreme Adventure has 2 different game modes:

1 - Arcade game: shapes, bombs, and increased adrenaline with rows pushing from the bottom! Clear the goal rows for each level to level up. Each level has increased difficulty, more rows to complete, new shapes, and faster bottom rows.

2 - Quick Game: A quick game, with all the shapes and bombs, play for high-score, an exciting time killer if you just want to play a quick game.

Blocks Extreme Adventure is completely ***FREE***, ALL upgrades and additional improvements will always be free.

If you like Blockout puzzle games you will love Blocks Extreme Adventure!!

Any problem, suggestion or error, please email us and we will be happy to help out as soon as we can!

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