Blokz II

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    Blokz is a simple yet highly addictive logic game. Simply remove all the pieces from the board, scoring points on route.

    At the start of a new game pieces are positioned at random on the board.

    Each turn consists of selecting a connected group of pieces to be removed from the board. Removing a group of pieces allows those pieces higher up the board to fall, creating a different set of connected pieces. Play continues until there are no more connected pieces or all pieces are removed from the board.

    Points are scored when you remove pieces from the board. The higher the number of pieces you remove in any one turn the higher the number of points you will score.

    Blokz comprises three games in one. In the relaxed mode you can continue removing pieces uninterrupted by any external forces. Timed mode cranks up the pressure as you need to remove as many pieces as possible within the allotted time. Frantic mode will send your blood pressure soaring as you try to gain as many bonus events as possible with the allotted time.

    Game features:
    * Choice of three game types to suit your mood !
    * Three levels of play in each game type, easy, medium and hard.
    * Superb graphics and piece animation.
    * Highly addictive game-play.
    * High score table for each game type.
    * Full player statistics, we dare you to show your boss the number of games you’ve played
    * Oh, did we mention its highly addictive ?
    * Yes we did, but its worth saying again….
    * Blokz is just one of our large collection of best of breed classic board, card and puzzle games available for a wide range of platforms.

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