Bomb Keeper Free



Bomb Keeper is a difficult logical game. Goal of the player is to setup bombs across the level, and
with the help of bomb explosions get red globe to the green area. Bombs will explode on
coordinates and on certain times, both of them are set by player. Also bombs can trigger
various mechanisms, which are distributed across the levels. To set coordinates and explosion
times player must enter the edit mode.

Levels are built to provide always new way how to finish them. If player cannot finish one of
the levels he can skip it and try another one.

- 6 graphic themes for the levels
- Physical game environment
- Linear movement mechanisms
- Teleports
- Elevators
- Two kinds of bombs
- 15 unique levels

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Link to developer facebook page

I hope you will enjoy the game. For suggestions, improvements or problems feel free to
contact me.


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