Bouncy Ball


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Get the ball to the star and avoid the deadly obstacles

  • Really addictive
  • Simple yet hard
  • Not especially original

"Little yellow bouncy ball"

Bouncy Ball is a curious simple game which ends up being really challenging. The objective is simple: move the ball towards the star until it grabs it. In the way, there will be holes and several other obstacles, try not to make the bouncy ball fall, otherwise the game will end instantly.

And how can you play? The controls are extremely easy to learn: tap the bottom right part of the screen to move right and tap the bottom left side in order to move left.

The app consists of more than 150 levels to play and the gameplay is the perfect combination of simplicity and challenge, a really addictive game with a minimalist design, only a few elements on the screen.

RAON GAMES is the developer of Bouncy Ball and the 2.5D version, a mix between 2D and 3D.

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