BoxCar2D - Evolution Simulator



BoxCar2D - where physics, evolution, artificial intelligence, and genetics collide.
BoxCar2D imitates random evolution of cars based on natural selection.

How it works:
Each generation has 10 candidates and their performance is based on the distance they travel. Every car has 30 seconds to finish the track (90 meters or until the engine stalls). Track contains randomly generated terrain including hills and obstacles. Best 3 cars of each generation mutate twice in the next generation, in addition 3 other best performers mutate once, and there's always at least a single randomly generated car.
Each car has own genes that contains information about its shape (8 body parts), wheels (size and number), and optional tool. Mutated parts are highlighted in red, while not changed parts are green.

Statistics window allows you quickly see the trend of evolution. Ideally, more generations produce better and better performing cars.

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