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Welcome to the Best Memory Game on the Google Play - 'Brain Boards'.

Humans are considered to be having wonderful memory.
We believe it and it is true as well.

What about your ‘Short Term Memory’ - To hold something in memory, which you have seen in a flash, for a short while?

It is difficult to say, especially when it is with numbers. Isn't it?

That is exactly why we have scientifically developed the game - 'Brain Boards' for everybody,
of any age.

Yes, it is the game of numbers on squares - very addictive and highly interesting.

Numbers 1,2,3,4 etc. are flashed on a grid of 25 squares for a few seconds.
Thereafter, the player would identify squares of the numbers accurately, in the correct
numerical sequence viz., 1,2,3, 4 etc. and at maximum speed.

Quite straight forward. Isn't it?

We have 4 Categories depending upon how many numbers are flashed on 25 squares

* Brain 4 - 4 Numbers
* Brain 5 - 5 Numbers
* Brain 6 - 6 Numbers
* Brain 7 - 7 Numbers

Each Category has 6 levels with decreasing display time and increasing Challenges.

Very simple to play. And lots of Fun guaranteed.

The score you get is a numerical representation of your Short Term Memory.

Enjoy comparing Your Best Score (Memory Score) with your friends'. Find out who is
the 'Memory Wizard' amongst you.


* Very Pleasant Graphics
* Four expertise levels to choose from:

o Easy - Brain 4
o Medium - Brain 5
o Hard - Brain 6
o Expert - Brain 7

Total 96 rounds of increasing complexity ensuring ultimate
Challenge and Fun
* Memory Coordination and Retention capacity improves as you
move on

* Your ‘Highest Memory Score’ is always recorded
* Rate your ‘Memory Score’ with your friends’
* There is no age restriction ( If the player can identify the numbers)

Have a lot of fun !!!!

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