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A must have quiz app of multiple choice questions. Choose from various difficulties, question times and questions from thousands of questions in 10 categories.

Customize with theme and sound selections!

Ever wanted to know all the elements on the periodic table, wanted to know all the countries and capitals in
this world, find out about some of the greatest inventions and who who invented them when? By the time you've
got through this app a few times you have the insight to recollect these and many more interesting facts including
Kings, Queens and Presidents.

This app has many maths questions for all skill levels, from elementary to brainbox, they are tailor made for you
at runtime.

Customise this app to suit your style, from dark sleek and intellectual to cool calm blue, whatever your learnign
needs may be this is the app you need.

You can change the sound effects to add stimulating tension, change the time from gameshow to unlimited to help a
child focus on the subject.

A great app which will help you know more general knowledge facts, scroll up and install it now...

We'd love to hear from you as we will be reviewing and adding questions soon!

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