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    You can test your IQ while having fun with custom made questions prepared by professionals. Prepare to give both halves of your brain a workout!

    Puzzles, anagrams, number sequences and many more unique questions.

    Brain Games will be an excellent brain exercise for you. While solving questions you will learn to look things from a different perspective and this will benefit you in your daily life.

    First questions might be easy but don't let it mislead you, it will get harder with every question. Last questions will only be solved by geniuses.

    If you stuck on some question you can look for the answers in our facebook page which can be accessed through the like button in the application. But remember, this way you will lack the satisfaction of solving them by yourself.

    Brain Games | Android is one of the most popular brain games as well as being the most diffucult and unique one.

    Warning: Pay attention to the upper/lowercase letters and don't leave space before or after the answer. Use send button when answering.

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