Brain Memory Game –Remembrain




    How many digits can you hold on your mind?
    Do you trust your intelligence?
    Do you want training your brain & intelligence?

    Remembrain , which is a memorization game, challenges you on your mind!

    Our brains are very likely to our muscles. If we enhance them they become powerful but if we don't than they get lazy and weak. For this reason, if we are paying attention on our muscles like sparing time and money on it, we can do the same thing for our brains and intelligence. The good side of this situation here, by using Remembrain; without spending any money, we can exercise and develop our brains while we are having very joyful moments by sparing a very little time every day.

    This is a mind, intelligence, memory and memorization game application enhanced for Android operating system. Develop your mind with this memorization game while having very joyful moments and show your friends who is the real boss.


    The topics Remembrain will help on:

    ★Brain Memory Enhancement
    ★Visual Memory Training
    ★Intelligence Development
    ★Logical Memory
    ★Fast Thinking Training
    ★Fast Decision Making
    ★Concept of Number
    ★Development of Concept of Conceptual Structure
    ★Associational Remember Ability
    ★Special Method Development
    ★Thinking Enhancement
    ★Memory Training
    ★Playing a Memorization Game
    ★Keeping in Mind Training
    ★Intelligence Enhancement


    After starting to play this memorization game every day for a couple of moments, your daily remembering, logic and intelligence will be enhanced.

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