BT Couple Bingo



Bingo game is one of the most friendly game.

You can play with computer in a single mode, and combat with your friends via Bluetooth in multiplayer mode.

This is optimized in 320x480, 480x800 LCD.

This bingo game is Korean traditional version
The rules might be somewhat different from what you know!

How to play?

-Single Play
Players are to input numbers from 1 to 25(or 49, 81) in a block of 25(or 49, 81). Players can manually input numbers or press “Auto Input” button to fill in the block automatically. After pressing “Ready” button, players who first complete 5 lines by turns horizontally, vertically or diagonally will win the game.

-Multi Play
Follow the steps to play with your friends

Both players are to turn on“Bluetooth”
1. Press “MULTI PLAY"
2. Press “Make discoverable”
3. Press “Yes” to turn on Bluetooth
4. Press “connect a device”
5. Select the device with which you want to play
6. Press "Ready"

※Make sure you do not press "Ready" simultaneously

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