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The purpose of the game is to pop all the bubbles in each level within a limited number of tries.

  • Amount of levels and sequels available
  • Challenging game
  • Insanely addictive
  • Interface could be improved
  • No need to rack your brains, just keep bursting bubbles
  • You need to reach level 20 to unlock Arcade Mode
  • Boring after a while

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"Bubble Blast 2 is a domino effect puzzle game that'll drive you crazy"

Chain reaction is the expression which best fits this puzzle game.

The game logic is simple, but it’s really not that easy! In the first levels you will be able to pop all the bubbles just with one touch since the most of the bubbles are red, but it gets more complicated as you advance through levels. The color of the bubbles matters: red bubbles burst with just one tap, green bubbles with two (one to get red and another one to pop it), yellow bubbles need three, blue four... and so on. Each time you burst a bubble, little balls shoot across the screen in all directions (in a linear path) and touch any bubbles they come into contact with, either popping them or making it turn into the next color. You need to pop the bubbles strategically in order to clear the level in the number of tries allowed. Bubble Blast 2 is packed with 300 levels of non-stop fun! But if that’s not enough and you need even more extra-levels, you can download the other Bubble Blast versions released by Magma Mobile.

Along with the other titles in the Bubble Blast series, BB2 has been developed by Magma Mobile, an agency that started in October 2009 with a clear focus on developing mobile applications and games. It has released other addictive games like Pinball or Mahjong 3Dt.

Our advice is: whether you like puzzle games or not, give it a go- it’s fun. At least for a while.

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