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Bubble Math is an addictive math game that will keep your mind healthy by testing your mental math skills and challenging your brain to perform calculation quickly. This amazing app will keep your brain in shape and bring out the hidden genius in you with these mathematics exercises. Its a Fun way to solve math problems and it is designed to enhance mental arithmetic.

If you love numbers you will love this game. It is fun for all ages and it will help keep you sharp. And for the brave and the hardcore mathmaniacs, the higher levels will challenge your sanity.

The goal of Bubble Math is simple: In the given time create the number using the equation and the available numbers.

The bottom line is Bubble Math is one of the best mathematics games available in the market!

**Before downloading and installing this game, it is highly recommended that you install the free version to ensure that your system supports this app. The full version has 8 different equations to play with. Not to mention each level can be played infinite number of times.

Enjoy the game, and see how smart you are!

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