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    Published: 2011-10-05, by Peter Warrior.

    A casual yet very well done game.

    • Overall, pretty well.
    • Too short even for a lite version.

    "Bug Slayer? Bug Killer? Bug Splatter!"

    It can seem trite, but bug splatting games have come of age. Bugged Lite retains all the essential elements of that subgenre at the same time that takes care of playability and technical issues such as touch response, things we all know that can be quite bothering when they don't work as they should.

    Your main goal is to kill the more bugs the better. If you tap on two or more bugs in a row will grow a multiplier bonus. This seems the only way to achieve a three star rating. Of course, if you miss a strike the multiplier will reset to zero. Some heavier bugs must be thrown against others in order to get rid of them; while a third kind explodes killing all the minor bugs around.

    Functional graphics (either in HD or non HD), nice guitar playing picnic soundtrack. Easy gameplay fitted to everyone. A great casual game which its most eye-catching flaw is a trial version too short.

    Lite version lasts for few more than the starting tutorial levels. It'd be enough to know whether you like the game, but not enough to get hooked on it. The complete version has, in addition to the complete campaign, 5 game modes to choose among.

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