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Use a slingshot and kill them all

  • Really addictive
  • Very entertaining and fun
  • Great graphics
  • Too similar to other games

"Don't have mercy, kill the bunnies"

Bunny Shooter is a casual game where you need to kill all the bunnies appearing a screen using an arrow and thinking strategically how to kill them in the fewest shots. The gameplay is simple: it works with a slingshot so you just need to drag it and aim at the preferred direction and consequently release your finger so the arrow can fly towards the bunnies and destroy them.

The game is really well designed and the controls work well and smoothly. It also includes more than 50 levels (with more worlds coming soon) so it's not short and you can replay each level and try to get the highest score (three stars). Bunny Shooter is really similar to other popular games but if you enjoyed the others there's no reason why you shouldn't also try this one.

Best, Cool & Fun Games are the developers of Bunny Shooters and other popular applications for Android. If you like slingshot games, don't hesitate and download this one.

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