You may Played the kinds of link games, but you should not have seen all the buttons link. Do not look dazzled "button link". everyone will work together to challenge it.
The new touch screen sliding eliminate 24 kinds of button styles, all kinds of wacky effects and obstacles, cartoon music in the background. You through the obstacles to cut off all the buttons? Come and experience the sense of accomplishment of this unexpected game.
1 Ultra-high game painting standard colorful, detailed style, the buttons are very realistic.
2 Lively game music, melodious. And unlimited relax your nervous.
3 Games in a variety of challenging obstacles, challenges your fingers sliding speed limit.
4 Adventure mode: you can cut in 8 seconds, a group of the same buttons it? Challenge your powers of observation and finger speed.
5 Classic mode: Challenge your limits, and the ability to show you different from ordinary people.
6 Props: as much as possible through the batter to accumulate gold in exchange for the props, do not think that is very simple. Later necessarily used.

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