C-Sharply Music Trainer



Practice your ear, music theory and sight reading skills with this portable and easy-to-use training program. Perfect for students in introductory music theory courses.

Challenge your abilities with five different exercises:
-Note Identification
-Chord Identification
-Major Key Signature Identification
-Generic Interval Identification
-Specific Interval Identification

Customize with three different clef configurations:
-Treble clef only
-Bass clef only
-Mixed clefs

Track your progress with a built-in grading system.

Problems are randomly generated for depth of learning.

If you find a bug or the app does not run on your phone, please contact me and I will fix the issue ASAP.

Based on the exercises provided at http://www.musictheory.net

Future developments:
-Alto and tenor clefs for viola players, cellists, etc.
-Advanced sight-reading exercises such as Minor Key Identification, etc.
-Ear training exercises such as Scale Ear Training, Interval Ear Training, etc.

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