Call of Atlantis (Full)


Call of Atlantis (Full)'s review

by Peter Warrior

A mix of point-and-find and burst-three-of-a-kind.

  • Overall, great mix of two genres.
  • Sound effects are great.
  • There's a plot.
  • Heavyweighted package.

"Homero was right Atlantis should be not far from here"

Call of Atlantis should be put into the mix 3 bubbles of a kind to burst them, though it's far beyond that, because there are also point and find stages between, deliciously scattered and illustrated with beautiful pictures. An other great novelty is that there's a plot, which is quite usual in point and find games but rather amazing in puzzle-bubblish games.

Therefore gameplay is one of the best we've found so far. The mix of both genres makes difficult to be bored at least before ending the game for first time. Graphics aren't the best for a point and click adventure, but are definitively better than any burst-the-bubbles game. Music can be a little bit repetitive sooner than later, but it's appreciated and gives a halo of antiqueness to the whole. In exchange, voices and sound effects are great and cutscenes add somehow dramatic tension to a casual game that wouldn't necessarily have it; and there's some trivia here and there just for curiosity's sake.

Then, the only flaws would be a 61 Mb package and that, even when there are more than fifty levels (divided into 7 areas with different backgrounds) it may make you feel it's too short.

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May 29, 2012

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