Can You Match?



Play Can You Match? the most popular memory game in the Store. This is a challenge to your memory. Try match pairs of interesting items in required time.

Stage 1 and 2 : Smiles
Stage 3 and 4 : Clothes
Stage 5 and 6 : Shapes
Stage 7 and 8 : Plants
Stage 9 and 10 : Space
Stage 11 and 12 : Sport
Stage 13 and 14 : Hats
Stage 15 and 16 : Fruits and Vegetables
Stage 17 and 18 : Cup Cakes
Stage 19 and 20 : Scary Faces
Stage 21 and 22 : Vehicles
Stage 23 and 24 : Snow
Stage 25 and 26 : Animals
Stage 27 and 28 : Christmas
Stage 29 and 30 : Jewels

and many many more...

PRAISE FOR Can You Match?

"★★★★★You have to be on your toes to play this great game, it really makes you think fast" - Cowhaulintomboy

"★★★★★This game has me addicted. It is so much fun, has tons of levels, and is an awesome challenge" - footballrulz

"★★★★★This app is addicting! I love games that tickle my brain, and this one does exactly that. I've tried other memory games in the app store, but this one has the best user interface and graphics" - Franchessie


★Memory games are just perfect for improving the brain power.

★Did you know that there are billions and trillions of neurons in the brain and each one of these neurons is responsible for storing a different piece of information?

★Only a couple of thousand of these neurons are used by people and the remaining neurons actually die of inactivity.

★This has a harmful effect on our brain and it tends to work efficiently because of the same.

★However, this can be avoided if your brain is trained and all the major centers in the brain are working efficiently.

★This is the reason why we have build this memory game for you.

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