Cancun Slide Puzzle Game



PuzzleBoss is proud to present a virtual vacation to Mexico in Cancun Slider Puzzles. Enjoy this creative slider puzzle game with 10 beautiful photos of Cancun, Mexico. PuzzleBoss slider games have 4 difficulty levels including a child-friendly 3x3 grid right up to an expert level 6x6 Cancun slider puzzle that will challenge you for hours. All PuzzleBoss games include special leaderboards for you and your family to record your best times and challenge each other.

Cancun Sliding Puzzle includes:
• 10 beautiful photos of scenic Cancun, Mexico made into sliding puzzles
• HD downloads of all photos for wallpapers for your phone or tablet or computer
• swipe to slide
• slide entire rows and columns in one move
• no annoying advertising or in app purchases that annoy adults and ruin games for kids
• special 3x3 difficulty mode designed for children
• 4x4, 5x5 and 6x6 difficulty levels
• leaderboards just for you and your family

Recent updates:
- added support for swipe gesture
- added ability to slide entire rows and columns
- added notification so the game will tell you when we have published more features

- added best times on gallery
- added wallpaper downloads
- added ability to create and switch family members' accounts in gallery

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