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Carmaux Zombie is similar to the funny and popular board game with tiles designed by Klaus-Jürgen Wrede, but allows the inclusion of zombies instead of peasants and monks, with additional rule. It is an adaptation and expansion. You can create your own customized deck and challenge the AI or your friends in multiplayer! Compete with other players for the first position! During the game you can make screenshot that will be saved in the Pictures folder.

Create a medieval landscape by placing tiles strategically and on them followers and zombies. Target is to get the highest score through conquest and closure of the territories. Watch out for zombies! In addition to the followers you can assign each tile a zombie, infesting the territories represented on it. A closed and infested territory gives only 1 point per tile regardless about the type of land or tiles. At the end of the game is done scoring for the territories that are not closed, and a zombie assigns to the player who has placed it 3 points for each closed territory represented in part on the tile where it has been put. Carmaux Zombie is not affiliated with registered trademarks of Rio Grande Games and Hans im Glück on Carcassonne game.

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