Cars and Trucks Pairs Pro

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    Cars and Trucks Pairs Pro

    Ad Free! This is the same game as Cars, Planes and Trucks Pairs, but without the ads.

    A fun memory and picture match game for kids, big and small.
    The cartoon vehicles each with their own sound effect will entertain and stimulate even the youngest children, and the 3 star reward system will keep kids coming back for more.

    3 difficulty levels. (Easy - 3 pairs, Medium - 6 pairs, Hard - 10 pairs)
    10 colorfull cartoon vehicles, (Ambulance, Airplane, Car, Firetruck, Motorcycle, Police Car, Rocket, Train, Truck, Helicopter)
    Bright colorfull graphics will appeal to toddlers and preschoolers, the harder levels will appeal to all.
    Star rating system, try and get 3 stars by completing levels in as few turns as possible.
    Each Vehicle has it's own realistic sound effect.
    Develops recognition, concentration and memory.