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CatchCatch (kill the bugs)

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    Are you annoyed by little creepie crawlies constantly popping up everywhere in your house?

    Well, this is a simple game that you can kill bugs and have lots of fun! It will make you feel better if you are fast enough to be ranked.

    ▶What kinds of bugs do we have?

    - What a world wise insect...
    - Too disgusting to kill them around your dishes but Just do it!

    - The most difficult level in this game
    - Kill them all!

    - scary bees!!
    - Do not be afraid to kill them!

    - Beautiful butterflys on the flower hill!
    - No mercy. Kill them all.

    - So annoying insects... especially, when you sleep.
    - We hate them. Kill them!

    - Ladybugs are not insects at all.
    - No mercy.

    How can we kill the bugs?
    Just push them!!

    If the bugs avoid your attack?
    Your time will be +1 second.

    How can we get top rank?
    Just play harder!

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