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    If you like Sudoku you will love "Fill Green Line Game".

    To solve the puzzle all you need to do is to select the rows which combined would fill the green row. To have a checbox selected on the green line, you need an odd number of rows selected with a checkbox on that particular column.

    This is 1$ puzzle game to test Android Refund Policy, according to which you have 15 minutes from the time of download to return an application purchased through Android Market for a full refund.

    We invite you to download the application, solve the puzzle and then get your money back, we confess it is a very simple game, probably it is not worth your money.

    In this way you will learn about buying an application on Android, solve a puzzle, ask for refund, all in 15 minutes.

    Who knows, maybe one day knowing how to quickly ask for a refund for an (expensive) application might be useful.

    And if you like this kind of puzzles, yes, you can keep the game. Every time you start the game it will generate a new puzzle.

    So far it has no advanced features, but if a few people will buy it, we will add. Leave comments the features you want please.

    Take notice that you may only return a given application once; if you subsequently purchase the same app again, you may not return it a second time.

    For reference please check Android Market Refund Policy at:

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