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Chess All Engines is a GUI for UCI Chess Engines for Android. It has a lot of Chess Engines preinstalled ready to use!
You can´t play with the best human players of the world, but you can play with the best Computer players! including the famous StockFish, Critter or Robbolito. It also includes opening books preinstalled.

-Autosave option.
-Engine versus mode.
-10 new Engines.

Feel free to send us your Engine!

Chess Engines included:

Adroit 0.3
Alfil 13
Arasan 1.34
BikJump 2.1
BikJump 1.8
Cheng 1.07
Critter 1.6a
Daydreamer 0.75
Diablo 0.51b
DoubleCheck 2.3
GarboChess 3
Gaviota 0.85.1
Greko 9
Greko 8.2
Jazz 5.01
Komodo 3
Komodo 1.3
Pawny 0.31
RedQueen 0.98
Robbolito 0.085g31
Rotor 0.7
Simplex 0.98
StockFish 5.0
StockFish DD
StockFish 4.0
StockFish 3.0
StockFish 2.3.1
StockFish 2.1
Sungorus 1.4
Toga II 1.4.1SE
Virutor Chess 1.1.1

Opening Books:

book.bin (StockFish website)
performance.bin (Toga II website)
book.cbk (Critter website)

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