Steps to play: Select king (black/white) and play

Beat the Device. Simple UI with great graphics, just select your side (black/white) and start playing. Selection of each piece shows possible moves which will also help new players to learn fast with no mistakes. All the moves are traced with the color representation (last move, possible move for selected piece). No Ads which helps players to concentrate on board.

Unique to this Chess:
1. Simple UI
2. Possible moves highlighting
3. Last move trace
4. Simple AI with one best move
5. Fast Device move
6. No time limit
7. Auto save
8. No Ads

Follows standard chess rules with maximum support:
1. Game starts with White piece
2. Castling
3. Pawn promotion with choice (bishop, rook, knight, queen)
4. Standard bishop, rook, knight, queen, king & pawn moves

It’s totally yours so never wait to ask for any changes.
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